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Black Buggy Bulk Foods is a specialty food store offering a variety of selections from dried fruits, jams, candy, sauces and more! We also have a fully stocked deli that has cold cuts and cheeses, where we serve made-to-order sandwiches on fresh homemade bread. Don't forget to stop and pick out your favorite Amish/Mennonite baked good! We offer fresh baked pies, cookies, whoopee pies, bread and much more!

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Popular Products

  • Dried Shiitake

    Mushrooms are considered by some to be the “meat” of vegetables, and they get a starring role in many different kinds of cuisine, including Chinese, Korean, Indian, European and Japanese fare. Our dehydrated mushrooms add texture and flavor to your favorite dishes.

  • Cinnamon Sticks

    Whole cinnamon sticks are from the bark of evergreen trees. They are harvested by peeling off the tree bark, and allowing it to curl up in quills as it dries.

  • Arrowroot Powder

    Arrowroot powder is a white, flavorless powder used to thicken sauces, soups, and other foods. Arrowroot powder is comprised of starches extracted from various tropical tubers, such as the arrowroot plant and cassava.

  • Sweet Fire Tiny Beets

    Made with fresh red beets and a combination of sugar, cinnamon, cloves and red pepper, these beets will compliment any meal. Serve them with sandwiches and salads or use them as a side dish to compliment any main meal.

  • Pickled Sweet Baby Beets

    Jake and Amos Pickled Sweet Baby Beets have a flavor unlike any other! These beets are flavored with a touch of cinnamon and spices and make a delicious healthy snack or side dish. Use the juice to make a batch of delicious pickled red beet eggs.

  • Pickled Red Beet Eggs

    Jake and Amos Pickled Red Beet Eggs are made from a classic recipe that turns hard boiled eggs into a delicious, tangy snack. Try serving these eggs with a simple dash of salt and pepper or a dollop of mayonnaise.